The brand new citizen out of a wife (a husband or a spouse)

The brand new citizen out of a wife (a husband or a spouse)

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From inside the course of much more increasing level of combined parents (when citizens away from Lithuania get married which have people of foreign claims), the problem away from a dual citizenship while the ventures to have getting the latest citizenship regarding Lithuania from the a partner from a resident away from Lithuania becomes extremely important.

If a resident regarding Lithuania documents a married relationship which have a resident off a foreign county, aforementioned (partner otherwise a wife out-of a resident away from Lithuania) is generally offered this new citizenship regarding Lithuania just after seven several years of the fresh permanent household from inside the Lithuania towards resident from Lithuania.

Immediately following eight several years of new permanent household in the Lithuania, a husband regarding a partner away from a citizen out-of Lithuania will get make an application for giving brand new citizenship of Lithuania.

Oftentimes, a partner away from a spouse regarding a resident from Lithuania will get apply for giving the fresh new citizenship regarding Lithuania prior to. Such as, a partner off a wife out of a resident out of Lithuania may get granting the fresh citizenship away from Lithuania after five years inside the case of membership of your matrimony with a former deportee, governmental prisoner otherwise children of these persons born during the exile, or if perhaps this new alien lived permanently in the Lithuania having a spouse (a citizen away from Lithuania) one to died for around one year.

Household out-of a member of Lithuania was acknowledged long lasting, in case your person cannot log off Lithuania having a time exceeding half a year annually.

In the event that a partner from a resident off Lithuania wants to be offered the newest citizenship of Lithuania, he (she), and most other conditions place in the appropriate statutes, will violation an examination throughout the concepts out-of Lithuanian code and you will the new Constitution out-of Lithuania.Read more